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Sugar clic

The main objective of this project is to adapt JClic to the Sugar/OLPC platform, thus mitigating the lack of educational content that is currently for OLPC, making this platform available JClic activities that exist on the Internet.

The JClic is a suite of applications created by Francesc Busquets the education department of the Generalitat of Catalonia which are for various types of educational activities, it is an open source project and since is developed in the Java platform, works in various settings (browser, desktop , etc..) as well as various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

The OLPC project (One Laptod per Child) is a partnership that is developing a low-cost laptop (which is called "XO" laptop ") to revolutionize the way of educating children, especially those in the poorest countries, providing children a computer robust, cost and fuel consumption, with possibilities of connection (such as Internet) and with software designed for participatory education, fun and, to some extent, self-sufficient. More specifically, this project to JClic focuses on developing a Clic Activity Player, to deliver contents already created by educators worldwide.

This project is leaded by Maria Jose Casany and Ludo (Marc Alier) from the GESSI research group of the UPC, and benefits from contributions of several students of the Computer Science School FIB at UPC Barcelona.

Our friend Martin Langhoff in the OLPC XS project allows us to use two XO laptops for testing purposes.

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