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The Moodbile project aims to enable mobile learning applications (and other kinds of applications for education) to work together with the LMS. Moodbile is an open source project. The LMS Moodle is used as host LMS platform in the first stage of the project. Rather than just creating mobile applications that replicate the LMS functionalities on a mobile device, Moodbile provides the developers of applications for Education with the necessary tools to interact with the LMS.


Moodbile is a project initiated by the SUSHITOS Research Group of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech  in collaboration with the GRIAL Research Group of the Universidad de Salamanca (



The motivation of the Moodbile project is to open up the most commonly used e-learning platforms and LMS, originally designed as monolithic or layered systems, to the service paradigm. This work is an interoperability solution to extend LMS to other environments such as the mobile world. Its aim is to contribute in adapting LMS to the current generation of e-learning 2.0. Its first LMS target is Moodle.



Moodbile is Copyright 2009 by Maria Jose Casany, Marc Alier and Jordi Piguillem. Moodbile is released as Free Software under GNU General Purpose License v3. Contact info: Marc Alier at and