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Campus Project is a developing community within the area of e-learning. Campus Project started under the assumption that the next step in LMS would be a service-oriented architecture. The future changes and the system must endure, it must grow and integrate the new without abandon, at least for a while, the old. Implementations change and rely on technology; the services don't do so at least in terms of semantics. What matters are the services: which they are, what they offer, how they are connected, which are their mechanisms of interaction. As importantly, which are the minimum standards required to work together so that we all understand one another and be able to join efforts without giving up our own objectives. Ultimately, how each of us can build a system, - a puzzle - with our own pieces but also, of course, with the pieces of the others.

Thus, CampusProject focuses on LMS services, encourages the use of the existing LMS, provides an interoperability layer between LMSs and e-learning tools and promotes the development of connectors for all types of tools that can be useful for learning.

Project funded by Generalitat de Catalunya.