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VALS Project

What is VALS?

It is a EU funded project that searches the cooperation between universities and companies all over Europe to solve real world business problems by using and creating FREE and Open Source software. This goal is achieved by creating a virtual system so that students can do practices in the companies or organizations related to the projects. These companies must be related to FREE and Open Source software.

There is a virtual system where students can find projects to participate in the VALS project.

How to participate in VALS?
1. See the project list in the website
2. Find a tutor for the project at UPC
3. Send the inscription form
4. If the inscription for is accepted do the project


Why VALS is interested for students?

  1. Because this work can be adapted to a TFG (Treball final de Grau) o TFM (Treball final de Màster if the tutor and mentor agree to it).
  2. It is a start point to the professional career
  3. It provides experience in transversal competences (problem solving, team work, communication with different stakeholders)
  4. The basic communication language is English
  5. The project is developed virtually. The student does not have to go to the company to do the work.


Contact information

If you want information about the VALS project please contact: Prof. Enric Mayol (